Laravel fanatic - job offer

We are looking for a team member who will code our and our clients dreams come true.

  • - In short, we are looking for a PHP master, who has gone through this and that. 
  • - Knows MySQL and has built websites, ecommerce sites, custom solutions, banklinks, card payments, etc.
  • - Has helped various people and has learned what he wants and not to do. 
  • - Has an ability to understand business needs and to add value by proposing helpful features.
  • - Has a natural interest in developing cool stuff that actually creates the boost that our clients expect.
  • - Knows stuff how to be productive and save himself from that awful thing called overworking.
  • - Knows that self-development and motivation are his own responsibilities, like other grownups know.
  • - Knows that life-long constant learning is the only way to keep being ahead from others. And mistakes and misbeliefs are parts of our lives.
  • - Has some flaws as a human, but deals with it and gets better.
  • - Sense of visual beauty helps a lot, but we use design partners in most cases when we feel it's necessary. And all our backend UI's are rather predefined. And you can copy predefined logics, right?
  • - Has laravel, CMS, ajax, javascript, XML, JSON, API, plugin, extension, Bootstrap as common words in his vocabulary and experience.
  • - Has preferably experiences using WP, Joomla, Magento or some other CMS environent. Might not have, yet willing to learn.

What we do and expect from you:

  • - We have done looooooots of stuff since 1998. Projectwise I believe the number is something like 1000. Big and small. You can let your imagination flow. And now imagine that in some days we need to update that whole load of various websites and webshops to meet today's standards. Yes, I know.
  • - The problems we solve are usually related to marketing and sales tasks. But we've done various other solutions that businesses require. We keep off from gaming and adult business. We prefer to remain ethically correct.
  • - There are easier jobs, also very tricky ones. In any case "learning" is our "first name", not the "middle". It helps, if you are very experienced. It helps more, if you're experienced in learning fast and implementing your learnings fast. But you can always become one in few years, we've seen that happening.
  • - Good communication skills help you and us a lot, as your role is to consult sales people that they would not do as competitors - promising everything and then - someone has to code it true. 
  • - We need you to be in our office - the best option. Or if you work from distance ot from other country, so Skype it is then. Anyhow, our clients work 9-17 GMT2, at these times we need to react.
  • - We measure our time using Toggle and assign tasks into Jira for now. There are plenty of other tools we use, depending on the task you need to accomplish.
  • - Full-stack developer, full-time, OK. Half-time, OK. After school, OK. Back-end developer, full-time, OK. Front-end developer, half-time, OK.
  • - After other job in other development agency - NOT believe in that kind of cooperation, sorry.

So, if you feel that this might be something for you, let us know - lets find out, today!

What we pay: depends on what you deliver. 

It ain't a job for spending time on games or FB chats. At work we work. After work we don't work. But we never stop learning, so should not you. We believe or salary rates are really OK.